Octo-Mom is just one of millions of spongers and opportunists that flourish in our culture of entitlement and lack of responsibility. Our schools teach us that altruism is the epitome of value, that it is only when we are altruistic that we can be happy. Add to that the fact that many (understatement!!!) come out of school unable to think, what do we expect to get but a bunch of moochers sucking producers dry.

The sad part is that the producers manage to think clearly enough to be productive, but not clearly enough to breach the social programming to realize that altruism is immoral. To be charitable is one thing; to not cry out against a system that deems it necessary to steal from producers and give to the moochers is another. Having your money taken away from you and used for purposes that you do not expressly agree to or with, is not in your best interest, financially or emotionally. And, regardless of current social norms, what is not in the rational best interest of even one individual, is immoral.

So why the outcry in Octo-Mom’s case? Put it down to a slow news day. The only difference between her and the mass of her ilk is not that she is more irresponsible or a bigger moocher; she isn’t. It’s simply that she came to the fore because of her unique pregnancy. The media does not have the will or even the intellectual ability to identify the link between her case and all those that she represents.

The subject of altruism will get a lot more typing time on this blog. Without general acceptance of the immorality of altruism, the mantra that it is better to give than receive will create an ever expanding crowd of takers.