A bit later than expected, as posting here was planned to start in January. So there will be a few posts that are not timely, but are pertinent and will help to set the tone.

I’m going to cover a wide spectrum of subjects, including race, religion, revolution, global warming, politics, stupidity, sex, education (and sex education) and pretty much any other subject that causes angst in the news. Why? Because most of the time it is just bullshit… 2, 3, maybe even more sides squaring off against each other, expressing what they feel without rational principle, because of an education system that taught them to add 2 and 2 but not to put 2 and 2 together. OK, so you now know where I’m coming from on education, and I was tempted, while noting this list, to give you an indication of what I broadly think in each case, but decided to rather let you find out as I address each one in my posts.

If you’re on the left, you’ll cheer me, sometimes, and other times you’ll smear me. Same with the right. My views are held by a very small minority of Americans, and an even smaller relative minority in the rest of the world. If you find you largely agree with me, then welcome, you will be one of the few.